Your culinary adventure starts now.
Dine New Bedford.

Whether you’re looking to experience our rich cultural heritage through the taste of local favorite Portuguese salted cod or wanting to relax in a laid-back Irish pub,
we have a culinary adventure for you. Here’s what’s tempting you…

  1. Seafood fresh off the docks from the #1 fishing port in America.
  2. International Cuisine: a melting pot of tempting and delicious choices.
  3. Bars, Pubs and More to satisfy your need to kick back, socialize or even dance!
  4. American Cuisine and Diners known to serve innovative and incredibly fresh choices.
  5. Cafes, Bakeries and Breakfast: How do you like your eggs? We’ve got an option for you (and your sweet tooth!)
  6. Healthy Dining Choices to keep you on track (and still satisfied!)