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New Bedford City Hall Marriage License Steps:
Both parties must be present to apply, if either party has been divorced the divorce must be final before you can apply for a marriage license.
$40 Application fee, marriage license is good for 60 days from date of application and marriage must take place in Massachusetts.
Needed: picture ID’s and Social Security cards, if not born in New Bedford must bring a copy of birth certificate.
(3 day waiting period before license can bepicked up) Court waiver is needed if couple decides to get married before the 3 day waiting period and court order is needed if party is under the age of 18 years.
Minister, Justice of the Peace, etc., must be from Massachusetts, if not they must have a Commission from the Massachusetts Secretary of State Office.
The New Bedford City Clerk is a Justice of the Peace and couples wishing to get married in New Bedford City Hall may do so by appointment.
Please expect to spend 20-30 minutes to fill out marriage application.
New Bedford City Hall hours are Monday – Friday 8am – 4pm

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