**Please note: audience will be required to wear masks for this performance***

What started out in 1982 at a Western Massachusetts elderly housing project has developed into the stereotype-defying, generation-crossing musical extravaganza better known as the Young@Heart Chorus! They joyfully pass the time instead of passing before their time.
As an ensemble of senior citizens performing classic and contemporary hits, Young@Heart has been celebrated worldwide as a truly inspirational force, especially during these challenging times. Their energy and charisma show fans that it’s possible to grow old without growing boring. Unwilling to be shut away in nursing homes, Young@Heart had been touring the world since 1982, performing sold out concerts, and singing unexpected interpretations of popular music from The Clash, Jimi Hendrix, Sonic Youth, and Coldplay.
From The New York Times to TIME, The Ellen Show to The Daily Show, the group of seniors, ranging in age from 77-93, has performed from Northampton to New Zealand, Europe to Japan, on over 55 tours around the world. They are also the stars of the hit Fox Searchlight documentary, Young@Heart, a Top 50 documentary of all time. It continues to air and inspire young and old, from PBS’ Independent Lens to Netflix and at dozens of schools, universities, community and retirement centers around the world.

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