Maritime Weekend at the New Bedford Whaling Museum | Art, Antiques & Scrimshaw **Postponed and/or Cancelled**

Explore the unique history, fascinating lore, and intricate beauty of maritime art and artifacts at the New Bedford Whaling Museum during Maritime Weekend. Join enthusiasts, aficionados, and armchair historians from around the world for a weekend full of discovery and appreciation, sure to leave you curious and eager to continue your own journey of collecting and learning. Experts will present exciting research and share remarkable collections of maritime art, antiques, and scrimshaw – the indigenous shipboard art of whalers during the “Age of Sail.” Advance registration is required for Maritime Weekend. Tickets cost $245 for Whaling Museum members and $295 for non-members. More information and registration instructions are available at Sponsored by Maine Antique Digest and Antiques And The Arts Weekly.

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