Visual & Performing


New Bedford is home to artists of all types, from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, and working in various mediums. Arts and culture comprise the very heartbeat of the city. From the New Bedford Art Museum to startup community groups, there is a vast network of support for the creative economy for all ages. In this city, “Art is everywhere, encouraging fun, provoking thought, and nurturing the soul.”- New Bedford Creative.

We are very proud that New Bedford is the first city in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to create a dedicated fund for Arts, Culture and Tourism. Thank you to Mayor Jon Mitchell, New Bedford City Council, and our local legislatures, for creating this special revenue fund to support creativity in our city.  Individual artists are eligible to apply, you do not need to be part of an organization.

New Bedford has been ranked:
-The 7th Most Artistic City in America by Richard Florida, Atlantic Magazine-
-One of the 10 Most Artistic Towns in America, Matador Network-
One of America’s most artistic towns, Expedia viewfinder Travel Blog-

Check out our list of galleries, performing arts centers and groups, artistic organizations, and special art events below or head to to view their creative directory.