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New Bedford, MA is your next filming location!

Dagny Ashley
City of New Bedford
Tel: 508-979-1745

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"It was the good offices, the generous support, and the can-do energy of the City of New Bedford that truly made producing the Walt Whitman film possible."

Mark Zwonitzer
Walt Whitman
(PBS' American Experience)
HiddenHill Productions

Filmed in New Bedford

Film Production in New Bedford

2008 Independent Film, Homeland
2007 PBS, American Experience, Walt Whitman
2007 PBS, The Catalpa Expedition
2006 Subaru International, TV Commercial, Trebeca
2006 N/Versus Sports Network, East vs. West Shark Fishing National Tournament
2005 Japan, Discover America Series
2005 PBS, “Edens Lost & Found” Series
2004 Discovery Channel, Weird Travels Series, Haunted New England
2003 Independent Film, Bruxa
2002 Republic of Spain Public Television, History of Navigation Series
2002 Independent Film, Passionada (Starring Jason Isaacs, Sophia Milos)
2001 PBS, American Experience Series, The History of Chicago
1956 Warner Bros., Moby Dick, (Starring Gregory Peck, Richard Basehart)
1922 Silent, Down To The Sea In Ships, (Clara Bow)

Location & research assistance

2008 Florentine Films, Medal of Honor Recipients, Sgt. Carney (research assistance)
1998 Touchstone Pictures, A Civil Action (location assistance)
1997 USA Network, Moby Dick, (Starring Patrick Steward) (research assistance)
1968 ABCTV Series Here Come The Brides (Joan Blondell, Bobby Sherman) (research assistance)

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