Story of the Bela Vista and Resurgence of the Azorean Whaleboat

Whaling has ended in the Azores, but its heritage lives on in the unique design of the 40-foot Azorean whaleboat. There are only 63 authentic Azorean whaleboats in the world, and three of them ‒ Pico, Faial, and Bela Vista ‒ are located in the United States under the maintenance of the Azorean Maritime Heritage Society. Master boatbuilder Joao Silveira Tavares completed “Bela Vista” in 1997 in Pico, Azores. Launched in Horta, Faial, the boat was later transported to New Bedford and donated to the Whaling Museum for shared use with AMHS. Learn more about the resurgence of the Azorean whaleboat and the Bela Vista from international boat builder Lance Lee. Reception at 6pm; lecture at 7 pm. Presented in association with AMHS.

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