Remember When? Urban Renewal Mapping Project

The Remember When? Urban Renewal Mapping Project will be an interactive opportunity for folks to share what they remember about New Bedford before the urban renewal projects of the late 1960s. Key players in the projects will be present to lend insight and memories to the experience.

The Housing Act of 1949 set in place a series of events that led to the demolition of neighborhoods across America. New Bedford was no exception and three major urban renewal projects displaced scores of families starting in 1967 as millions of Federal dollars poured into these massive endeavors. Areas along the waterfront and west end were transformed. Many historic structures were destroyed while others were saved. As a result, new schools, city parks, highways, and a National Historic Landmark were created. The National Historical Park in downtown is largely the result of the changes that happened during this time.

Large maps of these areas created before the urban renewal projects began will be set out. Streets, homes, businesses, parks, and historic buildings that no longer exist are indicated on these old maps. Visitors will be allowed to share their memories and mark places directly onto the maps that were significant to their lives. Everyone is invited to participate.

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