Fair Play Opening Reception

November 10, 2018 @ 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
S&G Project Gallery
88 Hatch St rm 306a
New Bedford, MA 02745
Denn Santoro
Fair Play Opening Reception @ S&G Project Gallery | New Bedford | Massachusetts | United States

Holly Popielarz
Fair Play
Take a Chance!

Holly says about her work in this show
“This body of work started with the continual opening of rejection letters.”

“Why is it so invigorating to take a chance? Participation is necessary for the plot to move forward. We all know it’s a gamble, a crap shoot—take that turn, move up, pick a card, spin the wheel, hole in one—games bring a playful, distracting element to a dark and philosophical questioning of our reality. I bought a Magic Eight Ball, hoping for better results. I read a book about games “Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make us Better and How They Can Change the World”—To realize people have long turned to games or extensions of reality to compensate for what the real world is currently unable to satisfy. A friend reminded me that William Shakespeare used the Rota Fortunae spun by a blindfolded woman serving as a broker of plot progression, or to discuss fate. Medieval tarot decks feature The Wheel of Fortune. Buddhism has the Wheel of Dharma. Across cultures and history the wheel is seen as a tool of understanding, reconciliation and diversion from reality and tragedy.”

“Slowly, I felt like playing again.”

“As others have before me, I began working with this symbol as a way to accept my own fate and as a way to think about the uncontrollable and often restricting conditions of our world.”

“I must enjoy the process and it must challenge me. The wheels are interactive, made mostly of wood, they spin, and are painted with oil. Some outcomes are fixed. Sometimes you can earn a prize for playing.”

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