Dolphin Politics in Shark Bay: Speaker Richard Connor, Ph.D.

Dolphin expert Richard C. Connor, Ph.D. will be talking politics – dolphin politics that is, during his presentation at the Whaling Museum on April 4. Dr. Connor will share 30 years of incredible discoveries about dolphins and sign copies of his book “Dolphin Politics in Shark Bay: A Journey of Discovery.” He will also preview an upcoming long-term research project, “The Dolphin Decade,” which promises to be the most ambitious and exciting study of a wild dolphin society in history. Dr. Connor co-founded dolphin research in Shark Bay, Australia in 1982 and is a co-director of “The Dolphin Alliance Project.” “The Dolphin Decade” is a ten-year coordinated study on all facets of dolphins’ behavior, communication, and ecology. Reception 6 pm; lecture 6:30 pm.

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